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Other Services

$25.00 Minimal per Commission/Character- BEFORE ADD ONS

Fees may be added for Niche/Fetish content or content containing Heavy Vocals

Fees may be added for content requiring heavy/difficult Mixing/Sound Effects

  • Casting Services

  • Directing

  • Audio Mixing & Editing

  • Video Editing for Doujins/Comics

Available For

  • BDSM/NonCon/Rape/Hypnosis/NTR

  • Scat/Scent Worship/Flatulence/Diaper

  • Incest (Step only)

  • Vore-Mouth, Anal, Hard, Digestion

  • Giantess-Smashing, Crushing

  • BBC/Raceplay

  • Transformation/Bimbo

  • Impregnation

  • Furry/Monsters/Monster Girl

  • Pegging/Futa

  • Humiliations

  • Age Difference

  • Many More

Not Available For

  • Beastiality (Furry, Beasts, Mythological are ok)

  • Prepubescent/Underage (Petite/Flat doesn't = Underage)

  • Racial Slurs (BBC & Race specific audios are fine)

  • Incest (Related by blood)

  • Live Streaming

  • Phone Sex

  • Voice/Text Roleplay

  • May Add to


Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start when casting a large project. If you require some assistance with setting up your casting call and vetting vas for audio quality and performance than this is the spot for you!​

  • Help choose lines & format a public casting call

  • Give a detailed list of all auditions quality, performance and acting ability, but will leave the final choice up to the client when deciding who to hire.

    • Please note all casting calls must be at least 1 week long.​

    • Ame After Dark is not responsible for Voice Actors delays, rates, or unprofessionalism. Ame After Dark will only be judging vas off of their auditions & nothing else.

$50.00 Per Character Cast
10% if Ame After Dark Was Hired For Other Work


Casting a project is difficult, but so is making sure everything blends together. NSFW projects can be especially tricky as not everyone feels comfortable joining a call with a client they barely know. Ame After Dark can help with being a friendly known face in the community as well as a fellow Voice Actor who can give encouragement and make things run smoother with less awkwardness.

  • Available to direct voice actors through discord or another platform.

  • Able to help with detailed notes on scripts to help Voice Actors understand the emotion required as well as able to write detailed notes if redoes are required.

    • Please note Ame After Dark does not cover other voice actors rates​

$0.10 Per Scripted Word - For Written Direction Only
$100 Per Hour - For Live Voice Directing
10% if Ame After Dark Was Hired For Other Work

Audio Mixing & Editing

Audio Mixing & Editing is an art that requires a lot of time, dedication and a lot of sounds. Ame After Dark is available to mix for all kinds of projects including those she doesn't voice in.

  • Calculations are done by Voice Actors audio length

    • It is best to make sure all voice actors remove all bloopers to insure the smallest audio file length is sent​

    • Ame After Dark prefers completely unedited audio (outside of bloopers and extra silence being removed) to be able to mix the audio better with other voice actors.

    • If Ame After Dark is one of the Voice Actors, her voice work length will not be charged.

  • Calculations are also done based on Per Finished Minute

  • Improvs or other adlib content that is not written within the script/comic will have added fees.

$5.00 Per Minute of Voice Actors Audio
$20 Per Finished Minute Of Project

10% if Ame After Dark Was Hired For Other Work

Audio Splitting

Perfect for projects involving multiple voice actors & Devs/Animators who just need a bit of extra help

  • Label takes to help with organization or easy insert into visual novels and games

  • Able to go the extra mile to edit, level & time takes that need it.
  • Will cut out all useable takes and level them accordingly
Just cutting & Labeling
$2.50 Per Minute of Spliced Lines
Editing Leveling & Timing
$10 Per Minute of Spliced Lines
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