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Custom Voice / SFX Pack

$25.00 Minimal per Commission/Character- BEFORE ADD ONS

Fees may be added for Niche/Fetish content or content containing Heavy Vocals

Fees may be added for content requiring heavy/difficult Mixing/Sound Effects

  • Commercial ONLY

  • For clients who require work for more than one project

  • Privacy Fee Available

  • No Credit Required Available

  • Discounts on Rights to Sell

Available For

  • BDSM/NonCon/Rape/Hypnosis/NTR

  • Scat/Scent Worship/Flatulence/Diaper

  • Incest (Step only)

  • Vore-Mouth, Anal, Hard, Digestion

  • Giantess-Smashing, Crushing

  • BBC/Raceplay

  • Transformation/Bimbo

  • Impregnation

  • Furry/Monsters/Monster Girl

  • Pegging/Futa

  • Humiliations

  • Age Difference

  • Many More

Not Available For

  • Beastiality (Furry, Beasts, Mythological are ok)

  • Prepubescent/Underage (Petite/Flat doesn't = Underage)

  • Racial Slurs (BBC & Race specific audios are fine)

  • Incest (Related by blood)

  • Live Streaming

  • Phone Sex

  • Voice/Text Roleplay

  • May Add to

Track of Vocals Sounds/ Foley (Sound Effects)

  • 30 Seconds Minimal - 5 Minute Maximum Per Track

  • At least two takes will be given for every Track Purchased

  • 30 Seconds can NOT be broken up into multiple Tracks

  • Voice Sounds: are used to calculate any sounds that are not spoken words. This counts, but is not limited to: Moans, Cries, Screams, BJ sounds, ect

  • Foley/Sound Effects: are background sounds you may hear within a recording, these can be Cum, body's hitting, Bed sheets Or everyday sounds such as chairs, doors, ect.

  • Please contact before purchase with list of Foley/Sound Effects needed to see if I am able to deliver what you require.

  • Must re-purchase Track if they require different ways of being recorded
    (Including Different Emotion, Pacing, Voice Type, ect)

$10.00 Per 30 Seconds

Spoken Words

  • Must re-purchase line(s) if they require different ways of being recorded
    (Including Different Emotion, Pacing, Voice Type,ect)

  • 2-6 takes given per track

$1.00 Per Word

Add Ons

Rights to Sell

  • Gives Ame After Dark the right to sell/post audios on other social media including but not limited too: Patreon, Gumroad & Pornhub.​

  • Client/Writer will still be credited unless they ask to be left anonymous

  • Patrons get a larger discount off on all commissions

50% Added to Total

​ No Credit Required

  • No Credit Required This means you can use this sound pack without crediting AmeAfterDark

  • No Credit Required does not give you(the client) the rights to sell or redistribute this pack

Triple Price

Script Proofreading / Opinion

  • ​Counts full script not just words spoken

  • For clients who want proofreading or my personal take on their script/concept before recording begins. Will happily correct any grammar/spelling errors noticed or ask for clarification if anything is confusing within the script.

$0.01 Per Word or 10% Total

Collaboration Fee

  • Collaboration Fees are for clients who do not have a solid idea and want my opinion and help with structuring a script or coming up with a concept.

  • You will have my undivided attention for the full time you pay for, however once the time paid for is over the conversation will end. If you still need more input from me another half hour must be paid

  • Time will be scheduled around both parties availability. If the client is late or cancels payment will not be reimbursed unless there is an extreme circumstance for the cancelation. If AmeAfterDark is late extra time will be allowed as well as a discount on the future commission.

  • This is not for phone sex if AmeAfterDark feels you are being inappropriate towards her the dms and call will end without reimbursement and no further contact will be given.

$25.00 Per Half Hour Through Discord Dms
$50.00 Per Half Hour Through Discord Call 
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