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Are You Available to Voice [Insert] For Free?

First, thank you for wanting me to dub/voice your content. Although I do voice some content for free I am very selective. Like many other creators I do some promotional content for free to keep my name relevant and grow my following. I keep a long list of animations, scripts and comic dubs that I have been given direct permission to dub & thus any new content will most likely go to the bottom of that list unless it really catches my interest. You are more than welcome to give me permission to voice/dub your content, but by no means will doing this make me obligated to do so or to even do so in a timely manner. If you are looking for a quick turnaround then the only way to guarantee that is with a paid commission.

Are You Available to Collab?

First, thank you for your interest in wanting to work with me. I really want to work with more fellow voice actors, audio editors, animators, and artists. However, I struggle with fitting in collabs in my already busy schedule. Due to this I am limiting who I work with. If you need quick turnarounds for any collaboration then I am sadly not your partner.

I'm Not Sure If My Commission is Commercial

I am sorry for the confusion. I realize that my service rates can be quite confusing. I made my rates knowing that different voice work is priced differently & thus one price isn’t a good fit for all work. To help with your confusion you can simply send me a dm or fill out my commission form with all that you think applies and I will let you know what I feel your commission falls under. If you are still concerned here is a bit of a break down Commercial: Character Acting, Dubbing/ADR, Custom Voice/SFX Pack, Narration/Audiobooks Personal: Narration/Audiobooks, Improvs, Personal Scripts Commercial prices tend to be higher and involve creators who plan to sell/promote themselves through the product. Commercial prices are also for projects that involve more than one character and or any type of visuals. You will also notice that I do not add any ‘commercial fees’. Personal prices are just for fun, though can be posted public for free for all to enjoy. The other main difference is that in most Personal Commissions I can give discounts to give me rights to sell, which I cannot get or want with the other options. If you plan to commission a script and you only plan to post it publicly then your commission would fall under Personal.

If I Buy You A Gift on Throne What Will I Get?

I am honored that you want to spoil me, but please do not buy me a ‘gift’ expecting anything in return. Doing this will most likely get you banned as I don’t want to deal with people who think I owe them. Every once in a while I will host an event where I will send fans who buy me a gift pics of the outfits they buy me or a selfie or two for large donations/gifts, but if I have not posted such an event then please don’t expect such content all the time. I also do not do nudity at all so please don’t expect it from me. If you buy me; or any other creator for that matter, a gift expecting something sexual in return then I would rather you not buy me anything.

Do You Do Selfie/Video Commissions?

I am glad you find me attractive enough to want to buy a personal photoset or video. However, at this time I am only doing fun sets through onlyfans & not opening individual commissions. Even if I open up these commissions they will be limited to only through onlyfans and I will be very selective of who. I’ve found that I do not like doing custom photo/video content with anyone who commissions me for commercial voice work. If you are an animator, game dev, ect I would rather not give you that content because it might create awkward tension between our relationship. I cannot stop anyone from buying my photosets on onlyfans, but I think custom content can be misunderstood especially if you are someone I have to talk to on a weekly/monthly basis for voice work. Again this is mostly for commercial voice work, because I already have a barrier in place for personal voice work that most people respect & my communication for personal content is more limited, usually.

Why Do You Do Fetishes You Aren't Into Too?

I understand the excitement of assuming a creator who does a fetish/niche you enjoy is also super into it, however that isn’t always the case. For me as a voice actor I take the ‘acting’ part of that very seriously. I enjoy bringing content to life that I wouldn’t particularly be into myself. I don’t really see any of the fetishes or niches that come to me any different than a sfw role. Example: I am not a murderer, but I can play a murderer if I am cast as one. Just because someone is willing to voice something doesn’t mean they personally get off to it. I have had a lot of past clients come to me with commissions to then ask me how said work makes me ‘feel’ and honestly I don’t really enjoy being asked that. Even if you come to me with something that leaves me dripping wet, I don't really want to go into extreme detail on that. How I feel doesn’t particularly matter as long as I am not uncomfortable recording the content within the commission. I am merely the middle man to a fantasy that the client/listener invisions and I don’t want any real sexual attachment between me, the commission or the commissioner. Also I record audios for multiple people, just because I record something like ‘Size Queen’ doesn’t make any audios I post about size not mattering invalid. I want everyone who listens to my content to have something to help them feel good and better about themselves and their bodies, unless said person is into degradation then… I want you to feel the exact opposite? See fetishes can get really awkward, because as much as you might want me to degrade you sexually in an audio I doubt you would want me to be a bitch to you all the time… right… Right??

Hi, You're Hot Can We [Insert Here]?

First let me say that I am glad you found my content hot/attractive & thus want to get off with me in some form or exchange nudes. However I am not comfortable with, Sexting, Video calling, ERoleplaying, ect. My content is meant to be separate from myself, in fact I’m not even a super sexual person. I am a cuddle me all night, no sex for days, no masterbating kind of girl. I only own 1 vibrator which I use as a neck/arm massager and am completely comfortable with that. I’m also just super gross. Above all else though, I’m happily married to a wonderful man who supports my content and is honestly the ONLY reason I am still putting out content for everyone. Honestly, you all should be thanking him and trying to date him. He's the real catch in the relationship. If knowing these facts turns you off from my content I understand, but I don’t want to give anyone false hope. I am playing roles, being goofy, moaning into mics or just trying to dress a little sexy to afford more lolita outfits because that shits expensive.

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