Like many an aspiring hero, he entered the service of a Goddess. From the day he came of age he joined her. The listener ends up settling on a Goddess of Love, a rare choice as she never gets champions. Love being looked down on as a ‘weak’ domain compared to things like ‘war’.

So the listener became her champion and against all expectations a powerful one at that, and a renowned hero across the world.

What the listener doesn’t know is that his actions made the Goddess fall for him. The Goddess of love is head over heels for him, loves him, adores him, worships him.

After a dangerous battle, where the listener managed to slay a beast but nearly lost his life, he is resting in a temple to his Goddess. There in the night… his Goddess arrives. She wouldn’t bare to lose him to the underworld. She wants to be with him for all time. So… she made a plan.

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