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  • Willing to give FREE voice sample on request

  • $25.00 Minimal per Commission/Character- BEFORE ADD ONS

  • Fees may be added for Niche/Fetish content or content containing Heavy Vocals

  • Fees may be added for content requiring heavy/difficult Mixing/Sound Effects

Available For

  • BDSM/NonCon/Rape/Hypnosis/NTR

  • Scat/Scent Worship/Flatulence/Diaper

  • Incest (Step only)

  • Vore-Mouth, Anal, Hard, Digestion

  • Giantess-Smashing, Crushing

  • BBC/Raceplay

  • Transformation/Bimbo

  • Impregnation

  • Furry/Monsters/Monster Girl

  • Pegging/Futa

  • Humiliations

  • Age Difference

  • Many More

Not Available For

  • Beastiality (Furry, Beasts, Mythological are ok)

  • Prepubescent/Underage (Petite/Flat doesn't = Underage)

  • Racial Slurs (BBC & Race specific audios are fine)

  • Incest (Related by blood)

  • Live Streaming

  • Phone Sex

  • Voice/Text Roleplay

  • May Add to


  • Animations

  • Games

  • Doujins/Web Comics

  • Any project requiring more than 1 Character Voice


  • Commercial ONLY

  • For clients who require work for more than one project

  • Privacy Fee Available

  • No Credit Required Available

  • Discounts on Rights to Sell


  • For Personal Use ONLY

  • Perfect for clients who have a concept, but no script

  • No revisions or redoes allowed​​

  • Quicker turn around, better bang for you buck

  • Discounts on Rights to Sell

  • Not for Phone Sex or Live Recording


  • Casting Services

  • Directing

  • Audio Mixing & Editing

  • Line Splicing


  • Animations & Games that require me to sync my voice to already existing visuals

  • Audio projects that require me to sync with sound effects, beats or other voice actors


  • For Personal OR Commercial

  • 500 words or more

  • Not for individual lines

  • Discounts on Rights to Sell


  • For Personal Scripts & Use ONLY

  • Can be any format, ASMR, Hypno, Roleplay, ect

  • 500 words or more

  • Discounts on Rights to Sell

  • Not for Phone Sex or Live Recording

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