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​Ame After Dark's Terms and Conditions for Client(s)


Ame After Dark's Terms and Conditions. This is an Agreement between The Client(s) and Ame After Dark. By contacting Ame After Dark for work you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions listed below.

The Client(s) must be a legal adult within their country, state or province

  • Ame After Dark is not responsible for minors listening, obtaining, or purchasing their work

  • All of Ame After Dark's adult content is labeled for adults

  • By downloading, purchasing, or contacting Ame After Dark you are indicating that you are a legal adult

All work The Client(s) listens to, obtains and or purchases from Ame After Dark must be legal for The Client(s) to possess within their country, state or province

  • Ame After Dark is not responsible for The Client(s) listening, obtaining or purchasing work which may be illegal in The Client's(s') country, state or province

  • By listening, obtaining, or purchasing Ame After Dark's work you are indicating that all content with Ame After Dark's work is legal within The Client's(s') country, state or province and all legal issues will fall on The Client

Purchasing a commission from Ame After Dark does NOT give The Client(s) the following rights:

  • Post the work as The Client(s) own

  • Re-purposing or use of the content in any way outside of its intended purpose as The Client(s) made clear to Ame After Dark

  • Using the commissioned work for content containing Niches or Fetishes that Ame After Dark did not approve when accepting the commission

  • Selling and or Distributing any content containing Ame After Dark's work that was not agreed on within the original commission

AI Usage

  • Ame After Dark does not give any client for any reason the rights to use their voice for any AI purposes.

  • If it is found that Ame After Dark's past content/commissions are being used to create AI Voiced Content, legal action will be taken against all parties involved.

Proper Credit

  • Credit is mandatory for all content using Ame After Dark's Services. The Client(s) must provide Acceptable Credit for every time Ame After Dark's Work is used, unless Ame After Dark Contractually Consents otherwise

  • The Client(s) can choose to credit Ame After Dark in any reasonable manner, but not in anyway that suggests that Ame After Dark endorses The Client's(s') content

Financial information

  • Prices, Services and Discounts may change at anytime. It is up to The Client(s) to keep informed on any new changes within Ame After Dark's Available Services

  • Ame After Dark charges a non refundable consolation fee when contacted for a commission, although this fee cannot be waived the fee amount will be deducted from the future commission

  • Ame After Dark reserves the right to refuse any project at any step of the way for any reason. If you have already sent payment, it will be refunded for the full amount, except the $50 consolation fee

  • If the client(s) wants to cancel the commission for any reason. It is up to Ame After Dark to decide if they wish to refund Partial or Full Payment

  • Once Commission work is sent the order will become non-refundable

  • Ame After Dark will not accept commissions without at least half payment up front

  • Depending on Payment Method full commission price may be required before Ame After Dark will accept The Client(s) commission

Rewrites, Revisions and/or Edits

  • Rewrites, Revisions and/or Edits to the following will not be accepted after invoice is sent: Script, Voice, Personality. The Client(s) must make sure the Commission Information is final before contacting.

  • Redoes or Edits due to The Client(s) errors may result in Commission Cancellation or Added Fees. Ame After Dark considers the following situations Client Errors:

    • Any Script Rewrites, Revisions and/or Edits regardless of how minor

    • Mispronounced names or fictional words/places due to lack of The Client's(s') guidance

    • Lack of Voice/Character Direction

    • Lack of overall context within either the script or emails prior to Ame After Dark accepting The Client(s) commission

    • Any new information given after Ame After Dark accepted The Client(s) commission will result in added fees

    • Rewrites, Revisions and/or Edits will NOT be accepts once commission is finalized

    • The Client(s) will have one week after Ame After Dark sends the Commission to contact Ame After Dark with any concerns. After a week no Rewrites, Revisions and/or Edits may be brought up

Ownership of Materials used within commissioned content

  • By contacting Ame After Dark The Client(s) are verifying that all the content within The Client's(s') Commission are one of the following:

    • Belongs solely to The Client(s) and or The Client(s) company/group

    • Contains materials which The Client(s) does not own, but is available for the public, with or without credit

    • Contains materials which The Client(s) have obtained proper permission to use and if necessary can provide proof

    • Ame After Dark will not do commissions that The Client(s) does not have proper rights to

    • If The Client(s) commission Ame After Dark for any Copy Righted or Stolen Material all responsibility will fall on The Client(s)

Ame After Dark as well as The Client(s) agree to protect the following Personal Information at all times. Leaking this information may result in legal action from either party

  • Legal Names

  • Email Addresses

  • Payment Information

  • Private Emails sent between both parties

  • Commission/Project Information such as Sensitive Documents

Screen Shots may be collected in extreme cases of Client(s) Neglect including, but not limited to:

  • Failure of Payment

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Unprofessional Conduct

Any Personal Information will be removed or blocked out of any Screen Shots aside from usernames

Rights to Sell

  • Ame After Dark offers a 25% off to all Personal Commissions if Ame After Dark is given the Rights to Sell the product

  • This offer is only available for complete projects that only contain Ame After Dark's Voice or Voice Actors hired by Ame After Dark

  • The Client(s) still has rights to be credited if they wish

  • This discount cannot be added to Commercial Commissions that The Client wishes to make public/sell themselves

  • If this discount was not asked for than Ame After Dark does not have the rights to sell the commission.

  • This only pertains to commissions purchased after 07/08/2021

Other Information

  • Ame After Dark is available to Sign NDAs for Promising Projects

  • Ame After Dark has the right to link The Client(s) as The Client(s) of Ame After Dark as well as link any Released Commissions that use Ame After Dark's work within Ame After Dark's resume, patreon and socials

Please note that Ame After Dark has the rights to alter or add to the Terms and Conditions at any point. It is up to The Client(s) to do the following:​​

  • Keep up to date on any changes that may take place. It is recommended to re-read the terms and conditions before every commission

Failure to follow any part of the Terms and Conditions stated above may lead to a DCMA filed which will result in content removal.   

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