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[Exclusive Audio] [Audiobook] School Bully Wedgies Femboy In Front Of Cheerleaders And Crush Comforts You

Luna knew he was a loser and being on the smaller size made bullying him even easier. His top school bully constantly harasses him, calling him a femboy and wedgying him in the hallway. She then decides to bring him into the Girl's changing room where the cheerleading team is changing just to mock how small he is all over!

In the end, he is found and comforted by his crush.

Client: Crazybeachboy2001

Art: N/A

Improv & Mixing: AmeAfterDark

All audios posted follow my TOS

Mainly: No posting, selling, redistributing, and Re-purposing. This audio is strictly for you the buyer to listen to and enjoy!

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